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                  Once again you can Trust that Bob's Freakin Nuts will also provide you with the quality and freshness you have all come to know and love in our nuts, when it comes to our Jerky, You can rest assured that we only select the best flavors in Beef, Turkey, Venison, Buffalo and Wild Boar, as well.
BobsFreakinNuts.com - Jerky in Kalama, Wa.


Beef: 2 oz. Bag $6.00 ea.


Flavors:   Original,    Western,   Teriyaki,   Black Pepper,   Sweet n Spicy,    Hot 

and Habanero

Turkey: 2 oz. Bag $6.00 ea.

Flavors:  Western and Honey

Special Exotics    Venison:  2 oz. bag $9.00 ea    Black Pepper only Buffalo:   2 oz. bag $9.00 ea     Black Pepper only Wild Boar:  2 oz. bag $9.00 ea     Black Pepper only

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