We May Be Freakin Nuts! 
we also offer the highest in quality Roasted nuts. We have 17 different flavors of Almonds alone. Our Quality and Variety is found no where else and that is what sets us apart from the rest! We serve our local community and participate in events through out the states of Oregon and Washington.

Through this website we are expanding on our efforts to further reach out and extend our services and wonderful products to those we have not been able to otherwise personally service before. Our company is quickly growing and as we widen our horizons, we are making every possible effort to still be as personable as possible, to even our very far away customers.

We pride ourselves on customer service and our ability to give quality attention to all we serve. So bare with us as we grow. Give us your input and Allow us to Serve you.
BobsFreakinNuts.com Gourmet Flavored Almonds:
We Have quality product for your personal taste and satisfaction. 
Only the freshest most delicious nuts in the most robust gourmet flavors.
Let us serve you, and let us grow together.

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